Dragon Leap Training Camp

Dragon Leap Training Camp

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Dragon Leap Training Camp

龍騰飛躍鍛鍊營 DRAGON LEAP 絕對不是一般的領袖訓練營,課程揉合中國傳統智慧及美國最先進教學方式,讓參加者於短時間內打破局限,戰勝自我,因應你的特點發揮全面的力量。過去已有逾百萬名參加者在美國、歐洲、中國、香港、台灣,透過同類型的學習環境,以致他們擁有卓越的競爭力。學員在人際關係上的提升,在公司發揮團隊精神、激勵員工,及創造驕人業績。

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Room 516, Mega Cube
NO.8 Wang Kwong Road,
Kowloon Bay, KLN.

Phone : +852 2121 1266
Fax: +852 2121 1088
Email: info@i-leap.com.hk

Founded by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and American learning experts in 2001 Independent from university in 2009. Set-up branch at Chengdu and partnership learning center at Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenyang, Hangzhou Offering Certified/Authorized Management Program from subject-matter experts